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Infor CRM is an flexible, enterprise class CRM platform that can easily solve real business problems. It features easy to use sales, marketing and customer support management that will keep your teams on track and productive.

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Sales Management

How much could you increase quota attainment for your team if you had easy access to:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
  • Sales forecasting dashboards?
  • Management analytics?

Marketing Management

How much more effective could your marketing be with:

  • The ability to target a particular market segment with a direct campaign?
  • Tracking results from the campaign’s concept to conclusion?
  • Reporting and analytics to monitor the responsiveness to your campaigns?

Customer Service Management

How much faster would account service be if you had:

  • Customer’s complete order history?
  • Customer service notes at your fingertips?
  • Access to historical and established resolutions to problems in your system?
  • Ability to offer convenient self-service options to customers?
  • Robust reports that inform you if issues are being resolved in a timely manner?

Analytics and Reporting

How could insight and decision-making improve if your team if you had easy access to:

  • Powerful analytics of business and team performance?
  • Interactive analysis tools and specialized business intelligence?
  • Standard, out-of-the-box CRM reporting and list management capabilities?


How would productivity and service improve with mobile access to:

  • Complete view of customer interactions across your entire organization?
  • Customer intelligence—Contextual KPIs, charts, and menus?
  • A task-oriented user interface that enables users to perform key actions quickly?


How would the user’s experience with CRM improve with access to:

  • Flexible and robust configuration that creates dynamic, personalized user experiences?
  • Advanced customization that accommodates unique requirements by user, team, company, and industry?
  • Features like robust integration, sophisticated security, advanced process automation, and flexible deployment options?

Mobile customer intelligence through contextual KPIs, charts and menus

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