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Insight that drives your bottom line

Reporting and analytics

Successful business strategies are built on informed decisions, made by analyzing clear and accurate data. Infor CRM empowers decision making at all levels of your organization by arming you with relevant information for your area of responsibility.

Actionable Insights from Your Customer Information

Infor CRM offers a suite of powerful reporting and analytics tools that give you visibility into your sales activities, service and support calls, marketing campaigns, and more, so users at all levels can make more informed decisions.


Powerful Reporting

Powerful reporting and list management so you can filter through unnecessary information and quickly mine relevant data to your business using queries and conditions.

Pre-Built Reports

More than 70 pre-built reports to assess sales, marketing and customer service performance.

Recurring Reports

Schedule recurring reports to monitor and assess certain aspects of your business.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive analysis tool with the Infor CRM dashboard for visual assessment of key data.

Key Performance Indicators

Fine tune for greater effectiveness with the pre-built KPI dashboards, an easy mean for you and your team to analyze trends and uncover business issues.

One-Click Excel Integration

For additional analysis, export data onto Excel with just one button.

Insight that drives your bottom line

Infor CRM reporting and analytics provide are key to unlocking the power of your data and enable you and your team to be proactive in your daily ambitions. Powerful analytics of business and team performance help increase individual effectiveness and maximize organizational and customer intelligence. From standard, out-of-the-box CRM reporting and list management capabilities to interactive analysis tools and specialized business intelligence, you get the tools that empower analytics-based decision making at all levels of your organization.



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