Cloud Deployment

Deploy your solution to meet your goals. With Infor CRM, you can choose how to deploy, use, and pay for your CRM solution. To best meet your business and technology objectives, we can deploy your CRM system on the Cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and mobile.

Unlike other cloud CRM solutions, with Infor CRM, you can take advantage of a full featured cloud/SaaS solution like access to data online, payment flexibility, and quick set up and updates while having full ownership and control of your data. We do not house your data in a single database with the data of hundreds of other companies. As our client, you have your own Infor CRM Private Cloud:

•  Your own implementation architecture, for full privacy and security of business data
•  Extensive we-based CRM data storage, over 100 GB for every 50 users
•  Training, support, and software maintenance: including setup and provisioning, online training, backups, monitoring, database
maintenance, and expert product support
•  Flexible product, license, and payment options
•  Integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook, back office accounting solutions and ERP, web services, and more
•  Full control of your upgrades, to match your business needs