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CRM & Marketing

Maximize your marketing impact


Marketing management

Bringing in high quality leads and managing profitable campaigns are what you do daily to support sales and drive revenue. Infor CRM powers your strategic initiatives with the tools you need to help deliver a strong ROI on your marketing activities





Reach the People That Matter Most

Deploy and track marketing campaigns directly from Infor CRM.  It will power your strategic initiatives with the tools you need to help deliver a strong ROI on your marketing activities and track marketing campaigns directly from the system.


Allocate & Track Leads

Rapidly allocate hot leads to the appropriate sales person, then track leads at every stage, from prospect through closed sale, and all phases in between.

Target Segments

Target campaigns and promotions based on customer segment, industry, or sales stage in order to maximize a positive response rate.



Accessible Resources

Respond quickly to customer requests with a full library of information built into your CRM, including collateral, price sheets, and manuals.

Campaign ROI

View budget information, response data, and cost metrics to help you calculate and analyze campaign ROI.


Adjust your tactics based on flexible, easy-to-create reports that show budget variance, win rate, and sales potential.

Sales Integration

With integrated sales, marketing and customer service, you can ensure calibration across teams in the business of acquiring new customers and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Maximize your marketing impact

Deploy and track marketing campaigns using Infor CRM. You can target a particular market segment with a direct campaign, as well as track the effectiveness. From concept to conclusion, using reporting and analytics, you can monitor the responsiveness to your campaigns and track the return on your investment.



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Top reasons to choose Infor CRM

Explore what drives our customers to choose Infor CRM.

Infor CRM Brochure

Infor CRM brochure

With unparalleled flexibility, exceptional ease-of-use, and market-leading technology, Infor CRM is your best-of-breed CRM solution without compromise.

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