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Sales and sales management

Sales is more than a profession; it is a mission to outperform the competition, gain market share, and exceed quota. Infor CRM is right there with you— providing you with that essential advantage to compete and win in your industry.

Build Your Business with Infor CRM

Infor CRM helps build your pipeline, your forecast, close opportunities, and in turn, build your business. Whether from the office, the road, or on a mobile device, with Infor CRM you can manage leads, opportunities, and activities from anywhere.

Sales Calls

Sales calls can have more impact as you identify, and act on, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities based on order and support history.

Automate Sales Process

Found success? Automate your winning sales process to generate consistent customer service at any of your company’s points of contact with leads and customers.

Define Targets

Create customer groups based on geography, order history, industry, size, or complexity.

Sales Dashboards

Configure sales dashboards so you have instant knowledge, at a glance, of your critical data, such as top opportunities, hottest leads, or sales stage.

Manage Sales Teams

Manage sales teams more effectively and recognize and capitalize on the strengths and best practices of top performers.

Manage Leads & Opportunities

Easy-to-use, flexible system that manages leads, opportunities and activities with just the touch of a button.

Get more—and sell smarter—with Infor CRM

Your sales team has finite resources—time, attention, and dollars. Infor CRM can help you improve productivity and sell more efficiently and effectively. Your team can focus their time on the activities that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.


Rich customer profiles and sales productivity tools in Infor CRM help users identify opportunities and streamline sales activities, while sales management tools, analytics, and proactive alerts drive accurate forecasting, informed decision making, and effective team and territory management. Best-practice process automation in Infor CRM accelerates your strategic advantage by recommending and performing winning actions that drive results.


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With unparalleled flexibility, exceptional ease-of-use, and market-leading technology, Infor CRM is your best-of-breed CRM solution without compromise.

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