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Infor CRM, formerly Saleslogix, is an award-winning customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provides a complete view of customer interactions, so your business can collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries, sales opportunities, and service requests.

It includes a robust suite of sales, marketing, and service capabilities, to offer businesses of all sizes a fast, flexible, and affordable solution for finding, winning, and growing profitable customer relationships.


Infor CRM is the CRM platform of choice for companies strategically focused on customer engagements. It is designed to deliver cost-effective, purpose-built solutions for an in-office and mobile world.

Infor CRM is available in the cloud and on-premise, and also offers a mobile-only deployment option.

Infor CRM lets you make time to SELL more


How much could you increase quota attainment for your team if you had easy access to:

> Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

> Sales forecasting dashboards?

> Management analytics?


How much more effective could your marketing be with:

The ability to target a particular market segment with a direct campaign?

> Tracking results from the campaign’s concept to conclusion?

> Reporting and analytics to monitor the responsiveness to your campaigns?

Customer Service

How much faster would account service be if you had:

Customer’s complete order history?

Customer service notes at your fingertips?

Access to historical and established resolutions to problems in your system?

Ability to offer convenient self-service options to customers?

Robust reports that inform you if issues are being resolved in a timely manner?


How would productivity and service improve with mobile access to:

Complete view of customer interactions across your entire organization?

> Customer intelligence—Contextual KPIs, charts, and menus?

> A task-oriented user interface that enables users to perform key actions quickly?

Analytics and Reporting

How could insight and decision-making improve if your team if you had easy access to:

Powerful analytics of business and team performance?

Interactive analysis tools and specialized business intelligence?

Standard, out-of-the-box CRM reporting and list management capabilities?



How would the user’s experience with CRM improve with access to:

Flexible and robust configuration that creates dynamic, personalized user experiences?

> Advanced customization that accommodates unique requirements by user, team, company, and industry?

> Features like robust integration, sophisticated security, advanced process automation, and flexible deployment options?



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Top reasons to choose Infor CRM

Explore what drives our customers to choose Infor CRM.

Infor CRM Brochure

Infor CRM brochure

With unparalleled flexibility, exceptional ease-of-use, and market-leading technology, Infor CRM is your best-of-breed CRM solution without compromise.

Top 10 reasons to choose Infor CRM

1. Ownership and control of your CRM system and data

Whether you deploy Infor CRM in the cloud, on-premise, mobile, or in a hybrid environment, you always maintain total control of your system and ownership of your data. Easily upgrade, migrate from on-premises to the cloud or bring your data in-house when it makes sense for your business.

2. Superior mobile and tablet support so your users stay productive on the go

Infor CRM Mobile increases your productivity with a rich, customizable CRM experience. Access your CRM data and purpose-built apps on your favourite AndroidTM, iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry®, and other devices at no additional charge.

3. Easy usability and intuitive functionality enhances productivity of your team

Get up and running quickly with Infor CRM, thanks to the easy-to-learn-and-use interface. Realize high user acceptance, low learning curves, and rapid productivity from your team.

4. Industry-leading integration capabilities for a 360° view of your customers

Rely on Infor CRM as the hub of your commercial operations with rich customer profiles built by capturing information and interactions from across your organization and from external sources. Integrate with front-office and back-office enterprise applications, such as ERP, supply chain management, and financial management, to establish a holistic view of each customer.

5. State-of-the-art technology platform for purpose-built applications to help ensure maximum ROI for your business

Design purpose-built applications, automate key business processes, and use sophisticated security and administration capabilities to get the most from your CRM solution.

6. Reporting and analytics solutions enable actionable insights from your customer information

Infor CRM offers a suite of powerful reporting and analytics tools that give you visibility into your sales activities, service and support calls, marketing campaigns, and more, so users at all levels can make more informed decisions.

7. Multiple deployment options—cloud, on-premise, mobile, or hybrid—to fit your IT strategy

Deploy Infor CRM using the method that fits your IT and business preferences, strategies, and industry. You won’t be hit with surprise charges and your data is secure and accessible with every deployment option: on-premise (LAN and web), cloud, hybrid, and mobile.

8. Advanced customization capabilities to tailor the application to your unique environment

Don’t change the way you do business to accommodate your CRM solution. Personalize, configure, and customize Infor CRM to make it your own.

9. Flexible license and payment options to suit your financial needs

Buy, finance, or subscribe to Infor CRM–the choice is yours. Select from multiple license types (named, concurrent, mobile-only, and flex), mix-and-match, and align users’ roles with appropriate licenses.

10. Global ecosystem of partners, developers, and customers support your CRM success

In additional to being part of Infor, an exciting key player in the enterprise software space, you can leverage the knowledge of our CRM business partners, ISVs, and a vibrant Infor CRM user community for local support and specialized expertise for your CRM initiative.

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